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Rerailing Equipment

The Portable Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rerailing equipment makes it a useful tool in solving rerailing problems in the fastest and safest way possible, preventing further damage to track or rolling stock.


Compact Rerailing Unit

The rerailing units are operated with hand pumps, which allow fast and precise movement in any load situation. The hand pump for shifting with two rerailing units is equipped with the special simo valve.

Underfloor and Above Ground Car Hoist Systems

  • For single Cars and married pairs
  • Car hoist and Body Stands are available in cantilever design for better accessibility
  • Spinning Post arrangements are available
  • Illumination inside lifting beams
  • MCC/PLC controlled
  • 97% synchronization running variation
  • Spring-loaded hatch covers
  • ISO 9000 certified

Truck Turntables

  • Smooth and easy to operate Large Diameter Truck Turntables turned by just one operator.
  • Their simplicity of design and ease of manual operation provides cost effective results through decreased maintenance and downtime problems typical to electrically powered systems.
  • Railquip can custom engineer a turntable in any configuration, size or capacity to suit your specifications.
  • Rail-Wheel-Dolly1

    Portable Rail Wheel Dolly

    The rail wheel dolly has a modular design, and is easily assembled by two individuals without the use of additional equipment.

    Once the unit has been assembled, the car with the damaged wheel must be jacked approximately 9". The cars may be coupled or uncoupled, whichever is more suitable for the situation.
    2-Way Rail Grinding Vehicle

    Grinding Equipment

    1. The forklift truck is used to take the railcar mover to an embedded track area and position it on the rails.
    2. Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the car mover. Unit is secured by using the fork brackets and ramps are pulled in.
    3. The Railcar Mover is coupled with the railroad/rail transit car(s) to be moved.
    4. Now the Railcar mover is ready for action. You can safely move complete sets of railcars up to 330 or 660 tons (depending on forklift truck and WRG Model).

    RQL-70 Mobile Column Lifts System

    Railquip's RQL-70 Heavy duty Mobile Column Jack, is available in configurations of 4, 6, or 8 columns with a total combined lifting capacity as high as 132,000 pounds. A low friction recirculating ball bearing screw-nut assembly suspended from the top of the column provides the lifting power.

    The RQL-70 Mobile Column Lift System features microprocessor controls with automatic synchronization and communication between columns. The RQL-70 has 3 separate modes of operation and detection of load nut failure. The automntic shutoff provides extra safety in case of contact with an obstacle. With the mobile power supply unit the RQL-7 requires no master column, giving the user the ability to control the system from any column. The RQL-70 ...

    176 Ton Telescopic Railway Crane

    It's the world's strongest telescopic railway crane.

  • 25 to 176 Ton Capacity Crane Models Available
  • Diesel Hydraulic Powered
  • Self propelled at 15 MPH or 75 MPH in Train Consist
  • Boom Telescopes with Load on Hook
  • Used under Catenary or in Tunnels
  • Clear Derailments/Track Laying/Bridge Work/Pile Driving/Other Heavy Duty Material Handling
  • Lift Rolling Stock Inside Tunnels with Rescue Fork
  • Can be Equipped to Operate in super Elevated Curves under full Capacity

    Automatic Super-elevation Compensation System
    The crane is equipped with a levelling device which levels the crane fully automatically when traveling into an elevated track section. Maximum super - ...
  • mobile_waste_removal_system_cart1

    Waste Removal Systems

    Towable Pumpwagon
    The sanitary waste tanks in modern transport vehicles with closed toilet systems require emptying at regular intervals. In order to provide this type of service to stations which are not outfitted with such pumpout systems, Railquip sought experienced partners to develop a reliable and powerful pumpwagon. Their application is universal. Through compact sizing combined with being able to turn in the tightest of radii, the effectivity of use in small areas is truly maximized; and thanks to a minimal noise level, it is ideal for use indoors in workshops or generally in areas where sensitivity to noise levels is of critical concern.

    Battery Powered Waste Removal System
    Are particularly suited for use in smaller train stations and in the workshop area. They are CE compliant, and certified by the DEKRA. There is no need to connect to external power sources as the pumps are driven by the cart's own battery. Equipped with working light the carts can operate independently of rail yard lighting.

    Rotary Pumps
    The heart of this innovative system is the rotary displacement pump which is self-priming and insensitive to dry- running. The Sani-Flex-Pistons were particularly developed for this use, and operate problem-free when passing solid matter from the wastewater tank.

    Railcar Movers

    Maxi Railcar Mover
    The Maxi Railcar Mover is an economical and versatile solution for the movement of railcars, transit vehicles or locomotives. It has its own rubber tired wheels to enable the operator to off-track and move the unit to a different track or parking area. It can operate as a push or pull car mover moving up to 220 tons on level plane. The unit can be operated by one person walking behind, or with the control handle swiveled 90 degrees, from either side of the track.

    Battery Powered Maxi Railcar Mover
    Railquip, Inc. is proud to introduce a new line of battery powered Maxi Railcar Movers. The Maxi Railcar Mover can be equipped with an AAR E-Type Coupler arrangement or a Transit Coupler as an option. The coupler can be positioned to either end of the car mover by turning the operating handle 180°. During rail operation the operating handle is positioned at a 90° angle to the pulling or pushing direction.

    Mini Railcar Mover
    The Mini Railcar Movor offers the safe movement of railcars on street level tracks of manufacturing facilities, railcar maintenance shops and loading areas. The main advantage in comparison to commoncar movingmethods such as winches is the possibility of movement in both directions without repositioning the Mini Railcar Mover. The stepless adjustable hydraulic drive enables the safe movement and stopping of railcars.

    Mechanical Wheel Handler
    Mechanical Wheel Handler designed to safely remove and position wheelsets under railcars or on the ground. The fork truck should have 10° tilting capabilities into both directions. It should have a minimum lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs. The Mechanical Wheel Handler can accommodate 28" to 38" wheels.

    Hi-Rail and Railquip Multi-Purpose Trailer

    Design Features:
    1 Used for response to emergency situations requiring dual retailing light rail vehicles
    2. For highway travel, the trailer is equipped with duaf axle.
    3. Designed to be towed either on highway by conventional techniques, or towed on rail by a light emergency vehicle.
    4. Hydraulics easily move the steel rail wheels into position for service.
    5. The trailer can also be used as a multipurpose trailer for track maintenance supplies such as railroad ties, rail and track maintenance equipment. It is designed to carry loads of up to 5 tons. The trailer includes highway running lights operated on 12 volts DC. It Is made of metal steel construction with welding conforming to AWS requirements. ...

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