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Railcar Movers

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Maxi Railcar Mover

The Maxi Railcar Mover is an economical and versatile solution for the movement of railcars, transit vehicles or locomotives. It has its own rubber tired wheels to enable the operator to off-track and move the unit to a different track or parking area. It can operate as a push or pull car mover moving up to 220 tons on level plane. The unit can be operated by one person walking behind, or with the control handle swiveled 90 degrees, from either side of the track.

The Maxi Railcar Mover, powered by a 15 HP gasoline, diesel, LPG engine and utilizes its own weight to develop the required coefficient of friction on the rail to effect the movement. Hydraulically powered wheels are engaged to start and stop the moving ...

Battery Powered Maxi Railcar Mover

Railquip, Inc. is proud to introduce a new line of battery powered Maxi Railcar Movers. The Maxi Railcar Mover can be equipped with an AAR E-Type Coupler arrangement or a Transit Coupler as an option. The coupler can be positioned to either end of the car mover by turning the operating handle 180°. During rail operation the operating handle is positioned at a 90° angle to the pulling or pushing direction.
  • For shunting operation on embedded or non-embedded rail sections
  • Shunting capacity up to 330 tons on level, straight track
  • 4 Single driven rubber wheels which are used for road as well as for rail operation
  • Stepless adjustable electric drive
  • Rail guidance system to be lowered during rail operation
  • Manually ...
  • mini

    Mini Railcar Mover

    The Mini Railcar Mover offers the safe movement of railcars on street level tracks of manufacturing facilities, railcar maintenance shops and loading areas. The main advantage in comparison to commoncar movingmethods such as winches is the possibility of movement in both directions without repositioning the Mini Railcar Mover. The stepless adjustable hydraulic drive enables the safe movement and stopping of railcars.

    Due to its advantageous weight distribution, the Mini Railcar Mover can move effortlessly even in areas with imperfect surface conditions. The unit is powered either by gasoline or propane gas engine.


    The Mini Railcar Mover is positioned at a 90° angle to the front wheel of the lead ...

    Mechanical Wheel Handler

    Mechanical Wheel Handler designed to safely remove and position wheelsets under railcars or on the ground. The fork truck should have 10° tilting capabilities into both directions. It should have a minimum lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs. The Mechanical Wheel Handler can accommodate 28" to 38" wheels.

    Time Saving
  • Low height requirements
  • No special training
  • No hydraulic hook up required
  • Mechanical lock to wheel

    Mechanical Wheel Handling Device
  • Safety locks
  • Simple to operate
  • Handles all sizes of car wheels
  • Operated from cab of forklift

    The Mechanical Wheel Handler was designed for handling car wheels with the diameter range of 28", 33", 36" and 38" car ...
  • forklift

    Operation of The Railcar Movers Designed for Use of Lift Trucks Ranging from 1.5-9 Tons

    1. The forklift truck is used to take the railcar mover to an embedded track area and position it on the rails.
    2. Ramps are lowered to drive the forklift truck onto the car mover. Unit is secured by using the fork brackets and ramps are pulled in.
    3. The Railcar Mover is coupled with the railroad/rail transit car(s) to be moved.
    4. Now the Railcar mover is ready for action. You can safely move complete sets of railcars up to 330 or 660 tons (depending on forklift truck and WRG Model).

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