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Rerailing Equipment

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Portable Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment

The Portable Rerailing Equipment is designed for rerailing cars and locomotives. The light weight of the rerailing equipment makes it a useful tool in solving rerailing problems in the fastest and safest way possible, preventing further damage to track or rolling stock.

Custom designed packages are available depending on the type of rolling stock.

Packages consist of the following items:
  1. Aluminum alloy lifting jacks: capacity range 20 -220 tons per jack.
  2. Lateral move equipment
    • Extruded aluminum alloy rerailing bridges ranging from 1 meter to 4.5 meters in length (3.3'-14.8')
    • Roller carriages
    • Traversing cylinders
    • Distance bars
    • Axle pusher
    • Rerailing bridge ...

Compact Rerailing Unit

The Compact Rerailing Device is suitable for rerailing Track Maintenance Equipment quickly and safely. This unique compact rerailing package has been sold to railroads, rail transit companies and industrial companies. Its light weight and easy operation make it an efficient tool for handling derailments. It does not tie up a lot of space

A typical rerailing package consists of the following items:
  • One Special LAA Compact 20-2.5/300 PN 300 Lateral Move Unit equipped with synchronizing cylinder rotating and sliding plate, and quick connection couplings. Stroke: 11.8". Order No. 0010840725410US
  • One Extension Hose Pair DN6PN630-10000, yellow/blue including quick connection couplings, 32' long. Order No. ...

Customized Steel Containers for Portable Hydraulic Rerailing Equipment and Track Maintenance Tools

  • Shapes and bars are mild steel ASTM A36
  • Plate and sheet are mild steel ASTM A36 or A238, grade C
  • Pipe and tubial are mild steel ASTM A53, type S, grade B, schedule 40
  • Containers have steel hinges with non-removable pins
  • Weldments are all filled welds (2.00" minimum), 3/16" or greater.
  • Containers are equipped with forklift slots and lifting eyes at each corner
  • There is ample space under the container to store rerailing bridges
  • Compartments are completely enclosed for protection from weather, theft and vandalism
  • Main frame is constructed of heavy wall, tubular material
  • Pullout tray has roller bearing surface
  • Painting: a minimum of 2 coats of primer; a minimum of 2 finished coats (Dupont ...
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