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Item # RQSZ 2000, Road/Rail Truck RQSZ 2000

Removal of short-pitch corrugations and small waves, as well as for the reprofiling of the rail head and the running edges of grooved and Vignole rails and switches. The RQSZ 2000 can surface both rails simultaneously and is constructed for use on 1.435 mm (56,49 inch) gauge rails. The basic vehicle is a MAN special 2-way truck with four axles and a total weight of 31 metric tons, equipped with two 6-cylinder diesel engines. On bogies made by the KAISER company in Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, with DB certification.

Grinding System

Rail grinding vehicle with 12 grinding shafts for eliminating short-pitch corrugations and for reprofiling grooved and Vignole rails. With integrated dust vacuuming and water mist systems. The drives for the grinding shafts, the vacuuming system, the angle adjustment and the grinding shaft vertical movement are hydraulic drives. As its prime mover the grinding unit is coupled to a MAN special 2-way truck. For on-rail relocation it is loaded onto the truck loaded. The hydraulic and electrical power are also supplied from the truck. The entire unit is enclosed weatherresistant and equipped with spark and dust protection shields. The grinding unit is equipped with two hydraulic lifting columns which enable the machine to be independently unloaded onto the rails and loaded back onto the truck. This lifting gear can also be used for changing the grinding wheels. The grinding process can be controlled and monitored externally by means of remote radio control, or also from the cab. The working lighting is integrated in the grinding unit.

Grinding Unit

The grinding unit is mounted on two rigidly anchored axles and an articulated middle axle. For railing, the three axles are hydraulically laterally adjustable. During grinding operations the front and rear axles are locked and the middle axle is brought into the "float" position. The grinding unit is connected with the prime mover by means of a rigid towing hitch. Rail wheels of different profiles, e.g. of municipal and regional railways, as well as DB wheels, can be used.

Grinding shafts

The grinding unit is equipped with 12 grinding shafts — 6 shafts per rail, comprising two permanently connected shaft pairs for grinding wheels with a diameter of max. 130 mm, and two individual shafts each for 0 100 to 0 280 mm. The shaft pairs can be tilted inward 45°and outward 10°, the individual shafts can be tilted 70° inward and 45° outward. Th e grinding shaft for the small grinding wheels is driven by an approx. 14.5 kW hydraulic motor at an operating pressure of about 315 bar and a torque of 24 Nm. The grinding shafts for large grinding wheels are driven by approx. 18 kW hydraulic motors at an operation pressure of about 315 bar and a torque of 50 Nm. The angles of all 8 shaft mounts are individually steplessly variable. The grinding angle can be adjusted by means of a PLC system. The grinding pressure of the 8 grinding shaft mounts is regulated electronically by means of proportional pressure valves. The setpoint value can be entered manually or adjusted by means of a potentiometer.

Dust extraction

The dust extraction installation consists of a coarse filter system with steel wool elements, a fine-filter system with filter mats and a dust hopper with discharge ports. The hydraulically driven blower has an air exhaust capacity of approx. 5'000m3/h. The dust is extracted via intake ducts directly above the grinding unit. The grinding unit itself is fully enclosed with vertically adjustable spark and dust protection shields.

Water spraying system

The grinding unit is equipped with a water spray beam both at the front and rear, each fitted with 4 Jato mist nozzles. This water mist barrier safeguards against fire hazard, at the same time reducing grinding dust emissions.



13.1 ft


7.5 ft

Length with On-loaded Grinding Unit

37.7 ft

Total Length During Grinding

60.7 ft

Total Weight of Truck

69000 lb

Weight of Grinding Unit

17640 lb

Curve Radius

59.0 ft

Maximum Admissible Speed

during on-rail relocation: 25 mph
with grinding unit on rail: 3.1

Noise Level

70 dBA


·  Grinding Unit

·  Grinding shafts

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