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Maxi Railcar Mover

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The Maxi Railcar Mover is an economical and versatile solution for the movement of railcars, transit vehicles or locomotives. It has its own rubber tired wheels to enable the operator to off-track and move the unit to a different track or parking area. It can operate as a push or pull car mover moving up to 220 tons on level plane. The unit can be operated by one person walking behind, or with the control handle swiveled 90 degrees, from either side of the track.

The Maxi Railcar Mover, powered by a 15 HP gasoline, diesel, LPG engine and utilizes its own weight to develop the required coefficient of friction on the rail to effect the movement. Hydraulically powered wheels are engaged to start and stop the moving operation, which can be in either direction. It is ruggedly designed to provide years of low cost moving service in your equipment maintenance facility or yard.

The Maxi Railcar Mover is also available with radio remote control operation as an option.

Operation Of The Maxi Railcar Mover (Gas Powered)
  • Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels in the lowered position, the railcar is mover is moved under its own power to the track location.
  • The railcar mover is positioned on the rails, and the Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels are moved to the raised position.
  • The railcar mover is driven into position at the end of the vehicle to be moved.
  • If the car is to be moved by the coupler, the car is secured to the railcar mover by means of a custom built mechanical coupler (E Type or transit coupler) or tow bar.
  • With the maxi railcar mover in place, the unit can be engaged to move the car in either direction.

    Technical Data
  • Length: Approx. 80" inches
  • Width: Approx. 69" inches
  • Weight: Approx. 4400 pounds
  • Shunting capacity up to 330 tons
  • Running Wheels (hydraulically powered, steel, with hard rubber tires) Diameter: 11.8"
  • Pneumatic Center Drive Wheels (pneumatic) Diameter: 19.7"
  • Thrust Capacity: Approx. 220 tons on level plane
  • Engine: Single cylinder, 4-stroke, Honda engine, gasoline (standard), LPG and diesel options available
  • Output: 15HP
  • RPM: 3600
  • Speed: 0-3.1 Mph in forward or reverse
  • Fuel Consumption (gasoline): 1/2 gal/hour
  • Remote controlled optional available

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    Maxi Railcar Mover Equipped With Gasoline Powered Engine Gasoline Powered Engine
    Maxi Railcar Unit Equipped With Lpg or Propane Engine Lpg Engine
    Propane Engine
    Maxi Railcar Mover Equipped With Diesel Powered Engine Diesel Powered Engine
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    Postal address: 3731 Northcrest Rd. * Suite 6, *  Atlanta GA, 30340,  * USA

    E-mail: sales@railquip.com

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